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Audio Recording | Podcast


Whether planning your next podcast, or in need of additional production support with an ongoing project, we can help.


From recording to editing and post-production, we will support you in capturing and producing clear, engaging audio.  


Scroll down to learn how we can help, or get in touch now 

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Speech / Dialogue
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Live Music / DJ Events
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Immersive Soundscape
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Education Research
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Business Seminar Conference
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Whether for corporate, creative or research, achieving well recorded audio is an essential component of any production.


From capturing live remote dial-in business panel discussions, to late night DJ / music festivals with crowd capture (for that added ambience!), or creating woodland soundscapes for outdoor education projects; we love to work in a variety of weird and wonderful locations!

Our equipment is focussed on recording remotely, and is selected in line with each specific production, ranging from a simple 'ENG' style boom + radio mic bag, to broadcast headset interview/panel discussion rig, or a more creative package including binaural stereo atmos capture along with contact microphones, for more abstract, soundscape driven projects.

We will do what it takes to record the sounds you need!

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Podcast Recording
Podcast Editing
Podcast Production

Audio Restoration

& Repair



Balancing Levels

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This process is all about carefully refining project audio (dialogue, music, atmos etc). Reducing noise and unhelpful external sounds and increasing clarity through repair and correction of audio.

The best takes are selected comped together, focussing in on the message to be heard. This is all about improving feel and flow of your dialogue, and project as a whole.

Some people talk loudly, some are quiet and some just don't like the microphone! We balance and adjust the level of each piece of audio so every element is heard clearly in the final mix.

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Sound Design Composition


The flavour of a podcast is often introduced with a sonic ident, tailored to the specific show. And with the right ident, in seconds you can be locked in. We design sound and compose music to create the unique sonic identity for your podcast to stand out.  

Mixing Mastering

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Many elements must come together to make your podcast memorable for the right reasons!. The subtle balance of different segments, voices, music and sound is important to get right, so we don't leave it to chance.

Authoring For Distribution

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Before a podcast file/series is sent out into the world for all to enjoy, steps can be taken to enhance your brand and overall podcast discovery. We can take care of all your ID3 Tagging, addition of artwork and metadata needs.

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