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Sonic Journal Podcast Launch

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Exploring the experimental side of audio and recording with a new podcast.

In and around projects our team work on a multitude of other audio related bits and pieces; personal composition and production, music direction, live events and sound design too. We have to keep the creative juices flowing and we are absolutely always learning. With this in mind, In recent months Mike has launched a new personal podcast - Sonic Journal - to document thoughts, experiments and ideas all connected to the wider field of sound and audio recording.


Sonic Journal is a place where you can explore a little of what is happening in Mike's world of sound, so accounts of nature field trips in the UK and beyond, tests for new recording methods, and creative sound and music collaborations, All weaved together with abstract sounds and soundscapes recorded out on location. Binaural audio is also an area being explored, so make sure you listen on decent headphones for a more interesting spatial soundscape experience.

We have to keep our ears and ideas fresh from project to project and this very much includes the kind of creative experimentation contained within the Sonic Journal Podcast!

Listen and subscribe by searching for Sonic Journal where ever you get your podcasts.

Read the Sonic Journal blog:


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