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HU: Rehab CD Live Recording

Updated: Jan 21, 2020


Leading Hardcore record label 'Hardcore Underground' have released many successful albums, but this time they wanted to do something a little different: a 4 CD live album. So they called us!

The guys at HU HQ wanted to capture everything in front of a crowd and in separation, so as to control the balance in post production. This required a stem recording of each element of the live mix, rather than a simple two channel recording of the DJ and MCs out of the DJ mixer.

We set up a 24bit HD system to capture a six channel recording of 2x CDJs, 2x MC microphones (via transformer isolated splitters feeding to the FOH and us), and stereo crowd / room mics. For the room we rigged Sennheiser MKH 416 shotgun mics for their super directional pickup pattern and excellent rear rejection.

The event was packed out with a very up for it crowd and a sizeable d&b Audiotechnik PA system. And while there were a few technical hiccups with venue power outages (!) four incredible peak time sets were captured.

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